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SellerDoor provides brands with a creative distribution channel
that reaches engaged audiences through our curated marketplace.

No Upfront Fees

Sign up and product listings are free. You’ll only pay an 10% commission fee when you sell a product.

You’re The Boss

You have control over your shop, products, shipping and interactions with customers.

Organize & Manage

Keeping track of orders, earnings and inventory is simple with our built-in tools.

Connect & Communicate

Connect (Message) directly with your customers.

Our commission-based model makes for mutual success. We’re in this together, and we’ve got your back.

What You Need

You must apply to open a store on SellerDoor marketplace.
We curate our platform to make sure your brand is at home with good company.

Have A Brand

You must have a brand that sells skate related products.

Stripe Account

You need a registered Stripe account in order to get paid for the products you sell.

Based in USA

While we are still in Beta, your brand must be based in USA.

What you get

Connect with your customers through your personalized store and powerful selling tools.


Customize your store

Tell your story. Tailor your storefront to fit your brand. Connect with your fans by letting them follow your product feed.

Showcase your products

Sell as many products as you’d like. No lisitng fee. You will only pay an 10% commission fee + $0.50 transaction fee when you sell a product.




Easy-to-use dashboard to help you manage all your products, keep inventory, view orders and track sales.



Simple checkout

A simple, secure and intuitive checkout system your customers will love and trust. Customers can order from multiple stores and pay for everything at once.



Signing up is easy and free!

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