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Adult Incorporated


ADULT INCORPORATED: STATEMENT OF INTENT Wherein we, Adult Incorporated, outline the reasons for our collective disdain of the ill-informed nostalgics who would make a mockery of our own age, our loud blusterous applause for the righteous and will intentioned, and why our hallowed and frightening name is synonymous with Armageddon. TAKE THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BY STORM Gaze not upon this page with cynicism nor wry smile poised for attack. Read not to reaffirm your long fermented biases and inbred assumptions. Instead, read heartily as if this were a meal and embrace the impetus for all deeds done. Let Adult Inc. be the soundtrack to the revolution and the urgent agenda at the center of your being. THE SCHEME OF THINGS GREAT AND SMALL Vanquish nostalgics. Choose your identity but refuse loyalty. Destroy the urban bourgeoisie. Overtake the monuments and playgrounds they protect. Live boldly and walk your path.

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