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Bros Movement

Bros Movement started in the year two thousand and fourteen by the brains and large hands of Noah Baxter. Noah grew up in Northern California, but currently calls Oregon his home with more then 30 years of pushing a shred sled under his size 13 feet. In between grinding for the man and handling responsibilities of being a family man, Mr. Baxter finds time to be the craftsman making individual, hand shaped, custom skateboards which is Bros Movement. How can one sustain shaping custom skateboards for people you ask? It seems a lot of passion and a love for creating “handmade chaos of the highest quality” are a couple of key ingredients. These one-of-a-kind gems are sought after from people scattered across the USA. Even being put on a waiting list and not knowing what the graphic will be doesn’t seem to detour bros from wanting to be part of the movement. The only way to get your hands on your custom shaped deck (for now) is hitting up the main man himself at and you can follow him on the ol’ Instagram @noahaon and put a few flame emojis on his deck posts because that shit is fire!


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