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Gino Iannucci

Go Skateboarding Day Photography Exhibition Fundraiser

SellerDoor has linked up with LifeValet and is excited host this exhibit featuring a large collective of skate photographers to raise money for Boards for Bros. Opening on Go Skateboarding Day, June 21st, a nostalgic day for all of us and one we look forward to every year, but 2020 feels different. The heaviness of reality (and not to mention a pandemic) makes it hard to get together with all our friends to celebrate skateboarding, so what better opportunity to give back to the community. 100% of proceeds will go to Boards for Bros, a no-profit organization that provides skateboards and and mentoring to underserved youth.

Exhibition will be up from June 21, 2020 – September 23, 2020

Akira Ruiz – @akiraruiz

Akira Ruiz photo of skateboarders

PreGoSkateBoardingDay2020, NYC

Half Japanese & Half Puerto Rican Professional Photographer & Director.Born in BK. Raised in LES. Graduated from Highschool of Art & Design. Received a BFA from School of Visual Art. Been in the photo game since 1994 and Directing films since 2011.Proud father. Blessed to be alive. Just getting started!

Alex Corporan – @peanut186

Adult go skateboarding day last trick 2018

Adult Go Skateboarding Day last trick 2018

Born and raised in NYC. He is a skateboarding industry legend, documentarian of 90s skateboarding culture.

Alex Papke – @alex_papke

Andrew Reynolds skateboarding

Andrew Reynolds, Dirtboard

A Los Angeles transplant via Pennsylvania, shooting skateboarding and all the moments in between for a wide range of clientele.

Blair Alley – @blair.alley

Chris Larue downhill hill bomb by blair alley

Chris Larue, Hillbomb

Blair Alley is a San Diego based photographer who’s been staff at TransWorld for days. He travels as much as he can mixing digital & film photography, and branches out from skating to cityscapes, portraits, and street life. @transworldskate

Blotto – @deanblottogrey

Nate Dugan nosegrind

Nate Dugan, “A-Dog Skatepark” , Vermont

Award winning snowboard and lifestyle photographer and Burton principle shooter for almost 20 years

Bogdan – @bogdamnit

Bodgan sand launch photo

Matt Kruz, Acid Drop Sand Dunes

Bogdan Dzyurak from Brooklyn who is truly living the dream as the Gnarmads. From epic cross country bike trips to daily skates in NYC.

Cameron Strand – @cameronstrand

Tom Penny hippie hop london

Tom Penny, Hippy Jump, London

Is a skateboard and lifestyle photographer from Brighton, Michigan.

Charlie Samuels – @charliesamuels

harold hunter astor cube 1989

Harold Hunter, Astor Cube, NY, 1989

New York skateboarder, photographer, filmmaker since the 70’s. Award winning director of the film “Virgin Black Top”

Chris Dangaard – @chrisclicksdigital

bucky lasek handplant

Bucky Lasek, Hawk’s Ramp

Professional Photographer committed to skateboarding.

Chris Martin – @cmartphoto

Brandon Bonner 180 bump to bar

Brandon Bonner, Backside 180

Skateboarder for Life! Currently living In Los Angeles as a staff photographer for PacSun.

Chris Miller – @digimil

erik ellington hardflip nyc

Erik Ellington, Brooklyn, NY

Residing in NY, founder and owner of Dunno Skateboards. Runs BoardsForBrosNY

Cole Giordano – @colegiordano

Gino Iannucci

Gino Iannucci, Washington Sq. Park, NY, 2019

Brooklyn based photographer as an assistant, model, editor, and photographer.
Creator of

Colin Sussingham – @colinsuss

Max Palmer bs smith flatbar, NY.

Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. He loves making fresh pasta and playing paddle ball on the beach.

Craig Wetherby – @mistergoodlife

Trevor Andrew aka “Gucci Ghost”, Trouble Pool Session

Trevor Andrew aka “Gucci Ghost”, Trouble Pool Session

Craig Wetherby was born, raised and currently resides in New York City. A completely self-taught photographer, he began taking pictures in 1992 with a creative technique and style all his own. With his unique outlook and deep network of personal and professional relationships, he has been able to capture some of the world’s most respected artists, athletes, entertainers and musicians.
He is also the founder of TheGoodLife!, a boutique creative agency based in New York City specializing in activations along the intersection of action sports, entertainment, art and fashion.

Dan Theos @lazyassdestroyer

shadow of skateboarder

Coffee Guy, Shadow Dancing, NY, 2020

From Long Island, N.Y. “I do Artist stuff”

Darnell Scott – @_darnellscott_

Matt Town kickflip

Matt Town – Kickflip – Los Angeles 2019

From NJ Currently in Los Angeles. Art Director “I make visual love letters to your retina”

Erick Colon – @justyourpic

Steve Casper, Vert Contest, June 1985, Ocean City, MD- Jeff Jones Ramp (Red Helmet)

Glenn Joyce – @_glenn_joyce_

Shark Dog Pier62 New York City

Shark Dog, Pier62, New York City

From New Jersey, Local 40 Ironworker, NYC

Gunars – @gunarsphoto

harold hunter brooklyn banks

Harold Hunter, Brooklyn Banks, New York City

Born in Boston area. Started contributing to Thrasher, Poweredge and Transworld while in high school then went to NYU in 93 for photo school. Currently owns a vegan cheese company.

Ivory Serra – @ivoryserra

skateboard flushing queens

Flushing Unisphere, New York City

Jake Hanson – @trulybogus

skateboarder pushing along beach

JG, California

A music and lifestyle photographer from Seattle, WA

Janette Beckman – @janettephoto

Ian Frahm, BROOKLYN, BANKS, 1986


Beatrice Domond

Beatrice Domond, Tomkins Sq, NY, 2019

Photographer: HipHop, Punk, Jazz, Rebel Cultures, Street Portraits, Street Style

Jessica Bard – @jessicatylerbard

Pepe Torres, Handplant, Loading Dock, NY, 1984.SS

Pepe Torres, Handplant, Loading Dock, NY, 1984.SS

Steve Dibatiste, Carving, Brooklyn Banks, NY, 1984.SS

Steve Dibatiste, Carving, Brooklyn Banks, NY, 1984.SS

Is a proud product development chef, recipe writer, and photographer. She is the design architect of , which is a W.I.P while she works on her photography archive.

Joel Meinholz – @iamyourvillian

blm skate support


Photographer | #LostinAmerica

Jordan Galiano – @galianophoto

Charles Jenner rail ollie


From Kinnelon, New Jersey. Skateboard Photographer when not skateboarding.

Josh Katz – @joshkatz

Nick Drachman skating on abandoned road

Nick Drachman, Push

Josh Katz is a Brooklyn based photographer, photo educator, and skateboarder who still takes his video parts too seriously.

LastSuspect – @lastsuspect


NYC Based Photographer

Los Estrada – @los_4vws

Greyson Fletcher, Thrasher Death Match, Brooklyn, NY, 2019

Greyson Fletcher, Thrasher Death Match, Brooklyn, NY, 2019

Riding my stunt wood, Capturing moments, Pushing Positivity, Staying low key, Doing things for the love of it & Be kind to the world!

Marcelo Duarte – @sk8duartic

marlon silva backside disaster

Marlon Silva, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2019

Matt Bass – @mattbass

brooklyn banks


Born and raised in New York City Matt now lives in Los Angeles and works Bi-Costal. Matt has Photographed a number of Projects, Commercials, Feature Length Documentaries, Music Videos and Fashion films.

Matt Cruz – @MattKruz

Bogdan, WallRide, NYC

Bogdan, WallRide, NYC

Mike A Cohen – @Lifevalet

Mike Cohen photograph

Unknown Skater Owls Skatepark, Brooklyn, NY,

South Florida Photographer who recently moved from Brooklyn, NY. Curator, Event Producer, Artist, Mentor and Instructor.

Morgan Rindengan – @morgnar

Frankly Villany, Masked Hill Bomb, Long Beach, Ca 2018

Frankly Villany, Masked Hill Bomb, Long Beach, Ca 2018

He is a photographer based in Southern California.

Nestor Judkins – @nestorjudkins

nestor judkins skate photo

Mark Suciu Nosegrind

skateboarding + film photos + travel zines + prints -all for charity-

Paul M. Roura – @Paulgarrr

sean pablo boardslide from cherry

Sean Pablo during the filming of “cherry”, New York, NY. 2014

Peter Pabon – @peterpabon

Ryan Sheckler heelflip

Ryan Sheckler, Harlem, NYC, 2019

Rachel Fleischman – @rayylauren

Rachel Fleischman photo of Nick pstMini SS

Nick, Post Modern Skate Shop Mini Ramp, West Palm Beach, Florida

Artist based in South Florida. She uses the arts and 35mm film photography as a form of self expression. Rachel is constantly inspired by the people and places around her.

Rick Sulz – @ricks__z

Chad Muska tre flip over pyramid

Chad Muska, LES Skatepark, NYC, Harold Hunter Day

Founder of, archiving 10+ years of the New York skateboarding community.

Rob Rodrigues – @robrod151

Rob Rodrigues rachelle-vinberg SS

Rachelle Vinberg

Rob Rodrigues lives and works in New York City, he is the founder and director of, SURE teaches skateboard classes and private lessons in Manhattan. Rob is also a managing partner of All One is manufactured and sold in Japan

Ryan Zimmerman – @r_zimmerman_studio

Rodney Torres Kickflip Fakie

Rodney Torres JFK Airport NY

Started skating on 1985. Michigan raised started photographing in Chicago during a summer he had shoulder surgery and couldn’t skate. Moved to NYC in 2002 where he graduated from FIT’s photography program and has been living, working and skating in NYC ever since.

Sammy Glucksman – @sdj

sammy glucksman nyc skate crew

N.Y.C. Skate Crew. Jeff Pang, Spencer Fujimoto, Alex Corporan, Peter Bici, Scotty Schwartz, Hamilton Harris, Danny Supa, Justin Pierce, Mike Hernandez, Peter Huynh, William Ortiz and more…

Shelter Serra – @shelterserra

shelter sierra frontisde

Ivory Serra Blinde Bowl

Skateboarder and artist, born Bolinas, California 1972.

Simon Skipper – @officialskippz

Emil Maar Mcgilvray, JAZZ Skate Co

Emil Maar Mcgilvray, JAZZ Skate Co

I create images to reflect myself in my surroundings and to help people understand each other. Visual storytelling is a very powerful medium to emphasise certain nuances of a story or a situation, and I use this power to investigate and express (sub)cultural trends and the identity of those involved, both in my portraiture and in my long term projects. Growing up as an outsider, I’m attracted to quirks, the surreal and to the fleeting moments of wonder that lie hidden in our daily lives. Through my documentary work I strive to explore, express and affect the world I see, towards the better.

Tobin Yelland – @tobinyelland

Jason Lee ollie on corner hip

Jason Lee TransWorld Cover

Lives Off Skateboard Photography. Building a photography career that spans three decades takes hustle, networking and a skateboarder’s ability to get back up again.

Walt Zamora Lindveld – @waltlindveld

walt lindveld montauk skatepark snowstorm

Deceivingly Beautiful Death, Winter Snowstorm, Montauk Skatepark, NY

Montauk resident, Walt Lindveld is a creative professional; father to #downsyndromeskategrom and photographer Clash Zamora (The Clash Chronicles), founder of the MONFCKNTAUK brand, team leader at the East Coast chapter of the surf therapy non-profit organization, A Walk On Water, and designer and creative director of The Montauk Beach House. Sometimes he surfs, sometimes he skates – mediocre at best.

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