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10 Awesome Christmas ideas for the skateboarder in your life

Christmas season is upon us and we thought we would help you out with some gift ideas for the skateboarder in your life.

10: Silo “Smuggler boxer shorts

From the family Strubing (Jason and Justin to be more precise) comes Silo. Boxer shorts made by skateboarders for skateboarders. These shorts are very comfortable and come in some nice paters to tantalize your visual senses. There’s a secret pocket stash just the right size to keep a jimmy hat on you for when things get hot and spicy with your Tinder date. Stay safe out there! Gift your loved ones in some underwear that really says “I’m sexy and I skateboard.”

Available here on The Sellerdoor


9. Beachn – Tim Brauch Oakmoss & Amber Candle

Beachn was started by Tim Brauch’s longtime friend and his girlfriend so it seemed fitting to make a few candles dedicated to Tim’s legacy. The Tim candles come in not only “Oakmoss and Amber,” but also “Black Sea” and the drinking man’s favorite scent, “Whiskey” which really smells like whiskey! Grab some of these handcrafted, soy wax candles for the people on your shopping list so they can keep Tim’s fire burning bright and warming our hearts.

Available here on The Sellerdoor


8. Ryan Bubnis – Keep Pushin’ Lapel Pin

Recently, while perusing the Sellerdoor site, I came across this Pin of an apple riding a skateboard and my daughter looked over my shoulder and said “awwwwwwwww…how cute!” and I have to say I agree (although I might use different words to describe my fondness to this little pin of joy. This pin should be worn with pride and know that others that see this might give you an unexpected “awwwwwww!”

Available here on The Sellerdoor 

7. Lawn Chair Sunglasses

Nothing like a good, cheap pair of sunglasses to make a person look like they’re breezing through life without a care in the world. Gift the skateboarder in your life this cool stocking stuffer that also works to open bottles of…er…root beer and such. When the future looks bright, Lawn Chair has your back!

Available here on The Sellerdoor

6. Made By Skateboarding – Statera Dolosa

This frame lock pocket knife features handcrafted scales made from skateboarding’s forgotten soldiers. Dyed-wooden-veneers of yesterdays skateboards make up the knife’s detailed handle to give new life to the boards of the past. Gifting this to someone really means you are the thoughtful loved one that you always wanted to be! Be careful, these bad boys are sharp!

Available here on The Sellerdoor

5. Paul Krobriger Art – Rodney Mullen Ballpoint Pen Drawing Print

This dude really came out swinging when he put pen to paper and started drawing skateboard legends. The detail is unlike that of anything these old eyes have ever seen. This drawing of Rodney Mullen is quite the thing of beauty. If there’s a skateboarder alive that couldn’t appreciate this, then maybe you should just that someone some Tevas or some Croq’s to wear instead.

Available here on The Sellerdoor

4. Kingston Union MFG – The Wino

An updated/modern approach to a timeless classic. These shoes can make the scummiest of skateboard scum have the appearance of a put-together, well-mannered lad. These 100% vegan shoes are the quality kicks that should be under the Christmas tree of every skateboard minded soul.

Available here on The Sellerdoor

3. Kyle Camarillo – Mark Gonzales Ollie Print

Adidias Skateboarding knew what they were doing when they got Mark Gonzales in their shoes. Kyle is lucky enough to be able to document Gonz’s art form that he calls skateboarding. This beautiful print would brighten up the home of any person with the love of the stylish simplicity of an ollie up a curb. Hey Santa Clause, Are you taking notes?

Available here on The Sellerdoor


2. Northern Co – Coach Jacket

How can you go wrong getting a skateboarder a coach jacket for a Christmas present? Well, you can’t really. Especially, if it’s from the good people at Northern Co. They are doing some cool things with some style to boot. Get this jacket for that special skateboarder in your life and be forever in their gracious heart.

Available here on The Sellerdoor

1. Jason Adams Stensilized – Screaming Hand Print

What a team up! Jason Adams’ rendition of the iconic Screaming Hand could turn any wall into a tribute to so much that is good in the world of skateboarding. You cannot go wrong with gifting this one to anyone from the hardcore skateboard fanatic to the mild-mannered casual skateboarding lover. Get this and give! Give to that special someone that is deserving of the creativity that skateboarding puts out into the world.

Available here on The Sellerdoor


There’s so much more on The Sellerdoor that would be great gifts for people fond of skateboarding, so have a look around and get some skateboard goodies for people that love skateboarding!

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