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How to Start A Skateboard Company [infographic]

Written and illustrated by Chumpramp

I’ve been around the block a few times and I have seen my fair share of skateboard companies come into existence. This, by no means, makes me an expert on the subject of “How To Start A Skateboard Company”, rather than, someone that has paid attention enough to take heed to the formulas and self-induced guidelines that most of these companies adhere to when birthing/starting their skateboard-brand-baby. I whipped up this infographic as per Sellerdoor’s request. Take it for what it is, a tool for those that want to have insight into the wonderful world of starting a shredtacular skateboard company of the highest caliber. Half serious and half comical and half an excuse to make an infographic for your viewing pleasure… dive in and get your skate shoes wet as we help you explore starting a skateboard company because the world’s dust won’t settle until there are more skateboard companies than there are skateboarders to buy from them. Just don’t take yourself, skateboarding, the world, or this article too seriously. It’s all about fun!

how to start a skateboard company

Decide On An Aesthetic

This is where you decide on the personality of your brand. If you were making a designer baby, what would he/she wear? What music would she/he listen to? Vegan? Meat eater? Are you wanting to target a specific niche market? Or, are you going for the shotgun blast of trying to go after everyone at any age? I highly recommend against the latter. It’s very difficult being everything to everyone. Understanding who you are goes a long way in any world. Get right with who the brand is so others can easily relate to it. The more they relate, the more they will want to curl up in some 800 thread count sheets and bleed all over with your new endeavor. No one said starting a skateboard company would be easy, but think of all the followers you will get in Instagram when you post about your new company!

Think Of A Name

It’s kind of like naming your cat, but you’re not trying to sell your cat to skateboarders across the planet. Put some thought into this. This is the first thing that should resonate within the undeveloped minds of little shredder bros and broettes in the skateparks. Naming your new company after your wife’s late, Great-Uncle Eugene Buttercup might or might not be the best way to go. Does it fit your recently decided-on aesthetic? Will it appeal to the people representing the company? Will little Timmy and Michael understand what direction you are heading just by the name alone? Yessss…! ____________ Skateboards has a nice ring to it. Well done! You are well on your way to having your new skateboard company started and in the streets!

Create A Logo

Now that you know the persona of the brand and have a name that r-r-r-rolls off the tongue, you are ready to come up with a logo/logotype that will be the symbol of all that this new skateboard company stands for. I don’t want to put too much pressure on your brain, but the logo is an important ingredient in the recipe for building your brand. Pull inspiration from your aesthetic and name to come up with a simple, yet powerful mark that will become more recognized than McDonald’s golden arches. Get comfortable with the look and feel of this, because you are going to see this logo day-in and day-out for the rest of your life… or, until VFCORP swoops in and buys your wonderful creation for a few million dollars. Would you get a tattoo on your neck of your new logo? If so, let me know because I got a guy with a steady hand.

Build A Skateboard Team

Everyone wants free skateboards and the glamorous spotlight of being a sponsored skateboarder, but who is a good representation of your brand. Who can emulate your message and get it out to the masses? Sure, having a large Instagram following is a nice bonus, but is that person the right fit for your brand? If your new skateboard company is pushing a straight-edge vibe you probably don’t want to put on Ivan, the town party animal, just because he rips. Select some talented people that fit your vibe and will help your company reach its business goals. It’s nice to have youthful skaters that grow with the brand and/or experienced vets that have been around the block. Set up a team that you want to work with and that wants to work with you. Maybe you can flow Ivan some decks when he lands that benihana late flip down the City Hall set.

Branding Product

This is where you make product and make it yours. You want the product to tie in with your brand’s look and feel. Does it make sense to have cybernetic graphics if you are an all natural company? Utilize art that speaks the brand’s message. Maybe you are so avante garde that a simple circle of white paint bleeding of the tail of your skateboard is the way to go. Maybe hiring Mark Mckee to get some 90’s vibe, silkscreen, shockingly funny art on your sticks is that of putting a square peg in a square hole. Or, maybe Todd Bratrud would be a fitting artist to create you some big-booty, zombie women to fit your direction of your…er… big-booty, zombie women aesthetic?! Maybe your 3 year old’s crayon drawings will fit the bill. Whatever the graphics are, tying them together throughout your product for proper branding is a great start on your new skateboard company.

Marketing Strategy

Of course, you are going to need a website. Here, you can start expressing all it is that makes up your new skateboard company. Or, you can just put up your product and call it a day because that seems to be trending hard RN. Simplicity is so hot right now! Instagram? Facebook? Duh! Trying to grow a following account these days can be like trying to grow petunias in a dark closet, but it has to be done. Get on there and start sharing your team’s throwaway clips in the skatepark. Is that it? For a lot of companies that is it. But you being the company that is going to take over the world, you’re gonna start a twitter account too! Good for you! Don’t forget to look into a bot app to get more followers! 😉 Youtube channel? Email Marketing? Get busy working or get busy working for someone else!

Create A Buzz

Here’s where the marketing really takes hold. You want to do things that make your new skateboard company start standing out among the sea of skateboard companies you are swimming in. Full-length video and an ad in Thrasher Magazine? That was yesterday’s formula, but could still work for you. Now you must have your six-shooter ready for the digital frontier. Thrasher web ads placement and some click-bait? Maybe you should collab with DC Comics. ABD? Maybe you should have a booth at the local contest and give out free stickers with purchase of two decks or more! Get that wheat pasting gear ready for some guerilla marketing high atop the tallest billboard? Whatever you do here, keep it within your means and the companies vibe but get them eyeballs on you! Like, subscribe, follow, poke, nudge, share, comment, etc etc. Get growing!

Here’s The Catch

Whatever it is that you do you to start your skateboarding company successfully, SellerDoor is here to help with just that. With all the struggles that come along with growing your skateboard company once it has been built, SellerDoor can catapult your brand into the world of skateboarding’s e-commerce by positioning it within a skateboard marketplace with other companies, artists, photographers, brands and shops selling to the world of skateboarders directly from you to them. We aim to keep your profit margin nice and plump to maximize your profits so you can concentrate on growing your business and having skateboarding’s best interest in mind. Now is the time to get your company on the SellerDoor

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