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Recycled Skateboard Bowl

Recycled Skateboard Bowl – My Longing Desire To Eat Cereal Out Of A Kra Kreation Made Bowl

Words by: Chumpramp

It seems like glueing used skateboard decks together and making ______(insert wooden item here)___ is almost as common as riding a skateboard these days. Was it Haroshi or Iris Skateboards that made this so popular? I couldn’t answer that, but I do know that I like what I see! Take my old skateboards, carve them, cut them glue them and repurpose them into something beautiful..and then…Take My Money! I want to eat my morning cereal out of a bowl made from recycled skateboards!

Enter Josh Krakover. I met Josh skating at a friend’s backyard bowl and then at a backyard miniramp. From that, I knew we shared similar interests. He likes to skate. I like to skate. From time to time we would go ride our skateboards and I learned more about him. He would tell me stories about working at Epic Skatepark in Sacramento, Ca which closed some years back. I met his lovely wife and beautiful newborn baby girl. But most interesting to me, I learned of Josh’s business. Kra Kreations. He makes a living making things out of wood and even more specifically, making things out of recycled skateboards!

I Gladly gave Josh my stack of used, broken and discarded skateboard decks in order for him to make his “Kreations” out of. This wasn’t enough for me. I had to see his set up. I wanted to know where he works his magic. I drove up to the Krakover household deep in the foothills in Northern California. I was greeted with slobbery, wet licks of fondness from his two dogs. I swung on his rope swing in the backyard. I watched him feeble grind his Diamond Grind flatbar that is probably 14 feet long! I ate some of his ghost-pepper-potato-chips. But most of all, I got to see his workshop and see him construct some of his incredible works of art from yesterday’s skateboards. Broken, discarded skateboards now recycled to make up knives, bottle openers, cutting boards, rings, cigar holders and more. So much more! But specifically, what caught my eye, and my stomach’s eye… this bowl. This miraculous bowl! My mind’s eye envisioned having my morning cereal out of this wonderful bowl. My organic, pumpkin seed and flax granola to be exact. An excellent source of omega-3. I sometimes add bananas and/or/ strawberries and/or blueberries to this glorious breakfast. But to imagine all this to be eaten out of a recycled skateboard bowl. A bowl that was once many skateboards bringing joy and good times to the youthful skateboard enthusiasts. I want to eat cereal out of this recycled skateboard bowl. I must have this recycled skateboard bowl!


Playing my cool, I didn’t let Josh aware of my burning, yearning to eat my granola goodness out of one of his recycled skateboard bowls. How could I let him know? What would he think? Would he assume the worst of me? Would he think that I was only befriending him to get to his recycled skateboard bowl in order to eat my granola out of it? I couldn’t let him think this. Like the smooth operator I am, I turned the conversation to the pocket knives he makes. These, ever-so lovely knives…sharp enough to cut steel beams. These knives, with beautiful color lay-ups of colored veneers, that once made up a 7ply skateboard and now making up the handle for this exquisite pocket knife. Yeah, that’s what I will talk about. He will be none-the-wiser. I have successfully eluded the fact that I must have that beautiful, recycled skateboard bowl.

Photo: Matty Moose

So fast forward to today. I am now better friends with Josh, his wife and daughter. I distracted Josh on his birthday by taking him skating while his significant other set up his surprise birthday. My kids are friends with his little girl. We have had many a coffee at the local barista bar. We have shredded his flat bar together. So yeah, we are friends now. But still, to this day…he doesn’t know my affinity to his recycled skateboard bowl and my craving to eat my pumpkin seed and flax granola out of said recycled skateboard bowl. I have thought about going to his web store and purchasing the bowl. I have thought about that time and again. Have I made it weird? Will this put a hiccup in our friendship? Is it worth the risk? These questions remain unanswered and my… dare I say, fetish… has gone unfulfilled. Mark my words…one day, one day that recycled skateboard bowl will be mine! For now, I got this cool, recycled skateboard pocket knife from Kra Kreations. Today a knife…tomorrow… perhaps a recycled skateboard bowl…

To Be Continued…?