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Oh Bloody Goodness, A Todd Bratrud Fanboy

 If we are going to talk about skateboard art, and we are, well, I am… and you may or may not stick around to read about it… I already got derailed in the first run-on sentence. What I meant to say was, “Todd Bratrud!” Dude is IMHO in the top 3 skateboard artists to ever touch pen to paper. If by “skateboard artist” I mean artist that draws skateboard graphics and actually shreds on a skateboard, then Todd Bratrud is CHAMPION NUMERO UNO! There’s a lot of upper echelon skate artists that I have never, ever seen actually ride a skateboard. The word for that is “POSER.” That’s why we-are-talking/me-writing about my man, Todd Bratrud here. Dude can draw some guts being blasted all over a skull with titties bouncing around like no other, but he can also kick a one footed ollie towards the moons of Jupiter and into the hearts of people like you and me.

I’ve been a Todd Bratrud fan ever since his humble beginnings saving the Cube aka Consolidated Skateboards from imploding like the blackest of black holes. He made some iconic graphics there like All Up In Dem Guts, Congratulations It’s A Man, I Want You To Have This It’s Good Luck, to name a few of my favorites. Todd Bratrud also made such stunning skateboard motion pictures as Behold, Miles, So Quick and a few more will in the Cubical which are all fabulous and have the ability to make your eyeballs sweat buckets.

todd bratrud consolidated deck

  After burning that bridge, Todd Bratrud moved on to spread his magical peanut-butter & jelly across the sliced bread of some of the coolest A-list skateboard companies (and even some of the lesser cool B & C-list brands out there). Todd Bratrud made some classics at enjoi skateboarding like the Bloody Fingerboard, Maggot Chow Mein and the GMO Series for skateboard professionals like Jerry Hsu, Cairo Foster and Caswell Berry. Zero Skateboards got blessed with some Bratrud goodness with a series of bloody body parts for James Brockman, Dane Burman and Nick Boserio. Tony Hawk, Aaron Homoki and Clint Walker were all graced with the royal touch when Todd did a series for Birdhouse of… well… um…BIRDS! He has done countless works of art for Creature Skateboards; green babes with bodacious booties, zombie-mania, skulls, blood and guts galore! Creature wouldn’t have half the spooky radical-ness without Todd Bratrud’s commitment to awesomeness! Strangelove is a somewhat newish brand pretty much relying on all heavy hitting graphics as their focus. So, of course they recruited the talented of…you guessed it…Todd Bratrud. ”Prince!” That’s all I gotta say about that!

todd bratrud birdhouse skateboards

  Todd Bratrud currently lives in the tippy top of this great nation [USA] somewhere near the Candian border of North Dakota. It gets colder than a witches titty there, so he has plenty of inside time to stay focused on making the world a better place with shit-tons of drawing projects. Like, the birth of his soon-to-be-world-famous fingerboard brand, BRAT BROS, with his soon-to-be-famous-nephew? YES! Brat Bros is soon to be your favorite finger blaster board brand! Your fingers will have shinners and finger ankles will be rolled!

  What’s next for the gentleman named Todd Bratrud you might be asking yourself? You probably aren’t asking yourself that but I am gonna keep on going with it in hopes that you did ask yourself that, ok? OK? Well, actually I don’t know what is next for Todd Bratrud. I assume that he is going to continue to bless skateboarding with his works of art and dazzle eyeballs and digits with his new BRAT BROS. One can hope right? I also hope that Todd has a good heater in that studio he works his magic in because he deserves to feel warm and fuzzy 24/7 365.

  I have a pretty good collection of Todd Bratrud art myself. Some of it I am not allowed to hang on the walls as guests get a little discombobulated by the severed horse head and Smurf boobs. But I love it all. Down to every last sticker that was conceived from the union that is Todd Bratrud’s brain and Todd Bratrud’s fingers.


  Todd Bratrud was kind enough to make available some of the bloody-skull-goodness that he once ever so lovingly nuzzled against his hairy bosom by way of Sellerdoor. Now, people like myself with the thirstiest of thirsts for that Todd Bratrud good stuff, can get that dry mouth quenched with the savory hydration that is Todd Bratrud’s skateboard art. Thank you for all you do, Todd Bratrud.

todd bratrud art

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