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10 Reasons To Ride Ace Trucks

There seems to be a big buzz about Ace Trucks lately. I have been riding them for a few years now and keep seeing people “make the switch” over to Ace. I warmed up my deerstalker and magnifying glass to dive into some investigative work. My mission, find out why skateboarders are giving up their “other truck brands” in order to ride Ace.

Just in case the title didn’t fill you in on what this article is about, I give you “10 reasons to ride Ace trucks.”

1. Other Trucks Suck

I have ridden most skateboard truck brands out there and I am happy to say that Ace has won me over and solidified the two spots where trucks go on my skateboard.

Now, I am not saying that there aren’t other good trucks out there. I am just saying that A LOT of them aren’t up to the standards of what most skateboarders look for in a set of trucks.

There’s probably a handful of truck brands worthy of your hard earned cash, but since this article is about Ace Trucks, well, I am going to refrain from mentioning those other trucks. I’ll save that for another day.

2. Team Riders

There are a lot of skateboarders I like out there and Ace has an exceptional squad that I really pay attention to.

Ronnie Sandoval is a complete savage. Did you see his Vans “Take It Back” part? Holy S#!T He crushed it like no other right after recovering from a horrific knee injury. This dude really utilizes his Ace Trucks to destroy any and all concrete. Ronnie also dropped a Spitfire Wheels part titled “FIRME” only months after the Vans part. DANG! Krooked part coming next?

Ronnie Sandoval - Crail Slide

Oskar Rozenberg, AKA Oski, hails from Sweden with his “Balls to the Wall” style that can eradicate any transition as if he was walking in the park. Oskar is gonna bring home all the medals of the Olympics without even trying. It doesn’t hurt that he rides for Polar Skateboards because that brand is high in demand in the skate world. That Orange Lable part…Wow!

Brian Delatorre could nollie back 180 a bump to bar all day long and I would be there to watch with a smile on my face. Dela is in the streets and making it look better than most riding that Habitat skateboard and wearing those converse Chuck Taylors. Dela has a smooth, powerful style that sets him apart from the rest.

Kevin Rodrigues is so elussive and I love it. He is creative and carefree. I like that about him. Riding for Hockey Skateboards and Converse shoes adds to the greatness Kevin personifies. This man embraces the IDGAF attitude.

There’s a bunch more Ace Pilots that are high up on my favorites list… Eli Williams from Doom Sayers is an ATV machine! Shin Sanbongi is riding for Polar and skates with the grace of a swan. Margielyn Didal hitting the Olympics for team Philippines with some incredible flick. Sage Elsesser, Kikuchi Taisei, Max palmer, Jason Adams, Hugo Boserop…and on and on…

3. Color Options

Color plays an undoubtedly important role in the world in which we dwell. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can make you want to scratch your eyeballs with a steak knife or comfort them with the feeling of being wrapped in a silk-baby-blanket. Color can make your blood pressure hit the roof or kill your appetite.

Ace has taken this knowledge and presented the market with a fantastic array of colored trucks to make your mouth moist like a Sarra Lee cake. They have Shelby Blue Powder coated trucks! They have Copper powder coated trucks! Matte Black, Satin White, Rally Green, and the mother of all shades, hues and contrasts of beauty… Polished Metal!

These trucks are a thing of beauty and having the option to pick from these captivating colors should be enough to take you back to the warmth and comfort of your mommy’s embrace.

4. No Gimmicks

gim·mick /ˈɡimik/ Noun – a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.

I have found that most gimmicks don’t last too long in the truck world. The plastic inserts for nose slides, the centered groove for centered grinds, the nutless axel systems, plastic baseplates, metal turning hanger to fake the “grind” etc etc these just don’t provide good old fashion quality and reliability.

Ace doesn’t go with gimmicks. They grind well, last long and turn on a dime. That’s what most people look for when picking out their trucks amidst all the brands out there.

Ace just brings you the highest quality truck. No gimmicks.

Oskar Rozenberg - Backside nosegrind

5. Ace Trucks turn better

Ace are the best turning trucks in the core skateboarding market. Hands down.

Weather it be to slappy a curb, carving a bowl, hitting the streets; Ace Trucks brings you turnabillity and responsiveness that is unmatched by their competitors.

6. Legends

So many of skateboardings cherished/aged professionals have dropped other truck brands to nab a spot with the trucks that turn.

Riders like, Jeff Grosso (RIP) of “Loveletters To Skateboarding” fame, and pro for Anti-Hero and Vans Shoes, are now enjoying the freedom to turn with Ace Trucks.

Chris “Dune” Pastras, Julian Stranger, Jason Adams, Lee Ralph, Matt Rodriguez, Donny Barley, Barker Barrett and on and on!

When these guys have done and seen all the skateboarding craziness that they have seen, when they choose a spot at Ace, it raises some eyebrows.

7. Quality #1

Ace Trucks are made in a state of the art factory that ensures the highest quality and performance. They utilize metals that capture the highest strength while maintaining a light weight magnitude. Ace trucks are known for their strength and performance…

…which brings us straight into #8 because Ace stands by their product.

8. Customer Service

Ace trucks have some guys that take care of you if you have concerns or issues with your product. I have this friend that knows a girl that’s dating this skater that had an issue with a bushing and he hit Ace up via their contact page at and this dude “Jon” helped him out to figure out that he had his bushings upside down!

Good looking out Jon! Maybe if I ever have a problem with my trucks, I will get a chance to talk to Jon, but I’m not holding my breath because I don’t see any problems with my trucks!

ace trucks 44 classic matte black

9. Sizes for All Size Boards

My skatedad-friend “Jeff” shreds and he has three kids that skate. They have a rather large quiver of boards in their garage. Little cork board topped Zip Zingers to massive Assault pool boards. Ace trucks makes a size to fit all of them. From the 00 which fits 6.5” boards and under to the 66 which rides well on decks from 9.12” to 9.62”.

I dunno who wants to ride a board that’s under 6.5” but at least they know they can get trucks for their board and be able to turn, Ace has what you need for any size board…well… unless you are Simon Woodstock riding a massive skimboard 😉

Here’s the Ace trucks size breakdown…

Ace has:

Model Hanger Width Axel Width Board Fit
00 3.87” 6.50” 6.5” – under
11 4.60” 7.45” 7.00” – 7.3”
22 / 02 5.00” 7.60” 7.12 – 7.75”
33 / 03 5.37” 8.00” 7.75 – 8.12”
44 5.75” 8.35” 8.12” – 8.50”
55 6.37” 9.00” 8.50” – 9.12”
66 6.75 9.35″ 9.12 – 9.62”

ace trucks 11 classic polished

10. Ace Trucks Is Skater Owned

Started by Joey Tershay (brother of Nicky Diamonds of Diamond Supply Co.). Joey saw a need for a truck that turned better. Joey used to work for Independent Trucks and noticed even their trucks didn’t have the turnability they once had. Seeing this hole in the market, Joey forged the first Ace Truck from his blood, sweat and tears… and some metal. He created Ace trucks and started to grow the brand with his friends.

Eventually, fellow skateboarder, Shrewgy, an industry titan left Thunder Trucks team manager gig and teamed up with Tershay to make the powerhouse it has become.

Once professional skateboarder, Joey Pulsifer joined the team of skateboarding owners bring his fiery mindset, and business knowhow to the brand. With his skateboard legacy, Joey P. came in to help mold the framework to take Ace Trucks into the future and to be the best skateboard truck in the game.

Raven Tershy - Backside Crossbone Air

You can feel good about supporting Ace Trucks knowing that you are supporting skater owned!

Bonus: Ace Trucks Skate Tool

ace skateboard tool

Ace makes one of the best skate tools in the biz. 100% tool grade steel and collapses down in size for easy transportation in your pocket. Those plastic tools shatter into a million pieces and have a tendency to not fit on your kingpin nut. Annoying!!!

The Ace Tool is legit and should be owned by all skateboarders to keep your mounting bolts tight and your trucks loose!

So what do you think – are you ready to make the switch to Ace trucks? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Ride Ace Trucks

  1. Avatar
    Johnny Shredlock says:

    Timmy Long sounds like a very knowledgeable and ripping skate nerd! I’ll be trying Ace Trucks for sure!!

  2. Avatar
    Croti Ladae says:

    I keep hearing friends switching too. I like they’re US made and have sizes for wider boards. The co-sign from Seller Door seals the deal. I’m snatching some today for a New Deal Sarge reissue that I’m building!

  3. Avatar
    calvin says:

    they look like stage 2 indys and it makes me happy, thank you timmy long. now i am very persuaded to buy these trucks

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