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The Best Skateboard Videos Of All Time

(10 of the) The Best (full-length) skateboard videos of all time (Part 1)

Before you get your panties in a bunch and say “this list is wrong” or “you forgot ____ video” or “all these skate videos are old” know that you are not wrong. This is not a complete list of skateboarding’s best full length videos. It is a list of SOME of the best skateboard videos. The “other” best skateboard videos were not overlooked. Just, that this is a list of 10 of a bigger list of the best skateboard videos of all time.

A poll was taken with a few “pros”, a few “industry peeps” and a few “skater bros” to list the all time best skateboard videos ever to grace their eyeballs. There were a lot of overlapping titles and that is pretty much what has made up this list and the bigger list that will, hopefully, make it into a continuation of this article.

A lot of different factors went into the discussions of what makes the best skateboard videos of all time. Such as… overall feeling/ vibe, how the music (or lack thereof) works to enhance the skateboarder doing his/her thing. What kind of impact did it make on people and skateboarding when it came out. Does it still stand the test of time? Does it make people want to skate? Etc etc. Is it all around awesome and entertaining? You get the picture.

So, before we dive into this list of (some of) the top 10 (full-length) skate videos of all time, please, please make sure you have watched all of these videos from start to finish and taken it all in. You can thank your lucky stars that you did. You will be a better person for it! And you won’t come across as an uneducated dingus among your peers when these videos come up in conversation. Plus, they will help in those clutch skate trivia moments (nod to Useless Wooden Knowledge guys).

Alien Workshop “Photosynthesis” 2002

alien workshop photosynthesis

So many factors make this video such a grand slam. “I Am Waiting” intro captivates with so many feelings. The utilization of motion graphics throughout the video really embodies the brand’s aesthetic. Launching the sister company “Habitat” with the incredible list of talent involved. The unveiling of upstarts Anthony Popalardo and Brian Wenning. The flawless coexisting of film and video in a 4:3 ratio. How the music worked for each part. And… Jason Dill skating to Radiohead’s Polyethylene!” Oh yeah, Josh Kalis. Like Whoa! Joe Castrucci deserves an Emy or Oscar for this one.

Girl “Mouse” 1997

girl skateboards mouse

This was the second video from the girl camp. This one had some real thought and effort put into the production side of things. That SHT Sound really gets your attention. That opening scene with Rick Howard dressed up in a mouse outfit driving Mike Caroll to work at In-N-Out really captivated audiences while setting the tone for the good times and good skateboarding to come. Too many amazing personalities, talents, skits, and skateboarding to mention here, but… that Rick Howard part…Damn! So good! Keenan Milton switch kickflip over a picnic table at Lockwood making it look better than anyone else could! But that Guy part. That Herbie Handcock song. That pushing. Those tricks. Guy is one of the best skateboarders to ever ride a skateboard and that put the icing on the cake to seal the deal making Mouse one of the best skateboard videos ever!

DC “The DC Video” 2003

the dc video

Big budgets and big names brought this one to light. Introducing Big Black as Rob Dyrdek’s personal bodyguard added some fun and humor to the jockey vibe of this production to round it out a bit. Anthony Van England really shakes the house with his powerful approach that really stands out strong. Danny Way goes mega, MEGA and changes how people skate launch ramps and quarter pipes forever. So many big names and heavy talent, but that Stevie Williams part is the one that really makes the panties moist. That song, those high ledges, that gangster style… combined it was enough to make this video hit the top billboard charts. Kudos to Greg Hunt for this one.

Flip “Sorry” 2002

flip sorry

“Extreme games? Kiss my ass.” Johnny Rotten introduces each skater, but the real magic for this one comes from pure skateboarding. Mark Appleyard puts himself on the map of being a G.O.A.T. with this one. Geoff Rowley goes hard as nails as always. The real clincher here is Arto Saari. He really upped the ante hitting big rails switch at night. Arto’s part was a game changer, but still was fun to watch. Slowing it down to David Bowie’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide…man… Fakie kickflip at Macba 4…man…it just starts a whirlwind of pure skateboarding stoke and amazement.

Blind “Video Days” 1991

blind video days

A group of young skateboarders driving around in a blue Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency while drinking booze to the sounds of “Low Rider” by War took skateboarding by storm. Guy Mariano really put an emphasis on conjuring up “lines” in the streets to the iconic sounds of a young Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. It’s enough to make the world fall in love with both Guy and skateboarding. Mark Gonzales makes jazz happen with his ability to maneuver his skateboard. Jason Lee ever so gently introduces style to the world, though we might not have been ready for one individual making it look that good. Sad to see them drive off a cliff in the end, but happy they made one the most iconic skate videos ever. Spike Jones made magic with this one!

Es “Menikmati” 2000

es menikmati

The strategy here was simple. Get the hottest skateboarders teamed up with the hot filmer and make magic. Not much more concept needed to bang this on out. Fred Mortagne teamed up with the likes of Arto Saari, Ronnie Creager, Rodrigo TX, Rick McCrank, Tom Penny and Erik Koston…not to mention some of the most incredible vert stunts seen to date by Bob Burnquist. This video is an action packed array of nonstop jaw droppers.

“Underachievers: Eastern Exposure 3” 1996

eastern exposure underachievers

This video came out and smacked the world of skateboarding across the face and let it know that the East Coast is the toughest shit out. These guys skate like men are supposed to. The more rugged the spot, the better. Donny Barley blasted through that TV screen with a cocktail of style, finesse and the power of ten men! Tim O’Connor had more tricks than you could shake a stick at, although who knows why you would shake a stick at them in the first place. Quim Cardona showed the world what it meant to be loose on a skateboard. Ricky. Man. Ricky Oyola. The Mayor of Philly. This Man deserves a statue made in his likeness to overlook City Hall until the end of time. He made all other skateboarders look like they were pussyfooting their pushes to a standstill. Push fast, push hard and leave traffic in your dust. This black and white masterpiece from Dan Wolfe made everyone skate a little harder and possibly do more wallies!

Toy Machine “Welcome to Hell” 1996

toy machine welcome to hell

Talk about beast! Mike Maldonado scared the pants off of most kids watching his part for the first time. Dude came out swinging! Misfits London Dungeon? Get out of here! Shit was slamming! Hello Elissa Steamer! Homegirl came onto the scene showing that a girl can hold her own being part of one of the best teams in skateboarding. She broke some serious barriers with this one. BA front blunt hubba hideout? Yes Please! High speed Barely. Zero’s birth. So much new, shockingness to stir things up in skateboarding. That Jamie Thomas part though. This is the one where he lets people know he means business and has the skills to back it up. The Chief really put things together for this one to be one of the best videos of all time.

GX1000 “Roll Up” 2018

gx1000 roll up

This video came along to show the world a skate video can still have you on the edge of your seat, palms sweaty and your heart skipping beats. These dudes put down some of the hairiest skateboard stunts and then proceed to bomb some of the sketchiest hills ever to be bombed. Can a simple skate video have you hold your breath in anticipation? This one most definitely can. The hills of San Francisco have never been assaulted like this! Proof that some of the best skateboard videos are still being made. A must watch!

Baker “Baker 3” 2005

All that needs to be said is “Antwon Dixon.” That part alone could carry this one into infamy. One of the hardest parts to ever hit the screen with arms more relaxed than jean-shorts-to-work- on-Casual-Friday. That Biggie song! But it doesn’t stop there. SO much hijinx from the young crew. Dustin Dollin obnoxiously kickflips into everything. Erik Ellington getting f*cked up tonight! The Boss shows you why he is the boss. Brian Herman. He gets down in this one. Doing tricks how everyone else wishes they could do them to close the video with the last part. All this adds up to a video that brings down the house for one of the best of all time.

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “The Best Skateboard Videos Of All Time

  1. Avatar
    Cory says:

    Plan b “video days” but as a kid I watch Shorty’s “Fulfill the Dream” and Transworld “Feedback” a million times. Also Lakai “Fully Flared”. I still watch Fully Flared at least once a week and I’m in my late thirties at this point.

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