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They – Vintage Skateboard Decks, Videos, Stickers, Shoes & More

We reached out to a few vintage skateboard collectors in hopes to beta test selling vintage skateboard collectible goods on SellerDoor. A few of the people we were in talks with were heavily involved within the skateboard vintage collectible world. One of the common annoyances that we came across with our talks, was “tire kickers.” These are people that are kinda/sorta interested in the product you are selling. They come in showing interest and ask questions wanting to see more, know more, bargain, wheel and deal and then they disappear. This seems to happen all too often with vendors selling products via Facebook, eBay, etc. We offered a place for these people to sell their collectible skateboard products in a skateboard marketplace, SellerDoor. This route enables the vendors to post their products with a set price and not have to deal with their tires getting kicked. Which brings us to They. Also known as TheyCollect on Instagram. They jumped at the chance to beta test selling his vintage skateboard collection on SellerDoor. – SD


Where did the name “THEY” come from?

“Teenage fad!” It’s the guys that constantly chime in throughout the Powell Peralta Ban This video AKA They. Seemed fitting.

now I am selling them and hoping they find a loving home

Tell us about your vintage skateboard collectables.

I never really considered myself a skateboard collector, rather a skateboarder that accumulated a bunch of skateboard stuff over time. I used to work at a skate shop and the owner and I would geek out on stickers. We would order whatever stickers we thought were cool and I would naturally take a few here and there. I really liked the oddball stuff brands would make. Toy Machine made some really rad sock puppets and toys. I thought that stuff was terrific. I sought those out. There was an old Kubrick / FreshJive toy of John Cardiel. I thought that was so amazing. I had to have it. I wanted the Mike York doll so bad. I had a few jobs in the skate world so decks fell into my lap here and there. They accumulated to a pretty heavy amount at a point. I purged half my collection of decks years ago. They went to Cuba when communism was still the law of the land over there. I figured they would be better off getting skated by kids that needed them rather than collect dust at my house. The stuff I have left is what is slowly getting trickled onto my SellerDoor store.

And the VHS tapes?

I love tangible skateboard videos. Web video drops will never be as cool as a VHS/DVD that you can hold in your hand. I always thought that if I ever opened up my own skate shop, I would have every VHS skateboard video in a library for kids to come and watch. Needless to say, I never opened up my own store and now those incredible skate videos just sit there taking up room. I would rather get someone that will appreciate them and be stoked to have them. So, now I am selling them and hoping they find a loving home.

Web video drops will never be as cool as a VHS/DVD that you can hold in your hand

How has selling on SellerDoor been different than using the non-skateboard platforms?

Well, first off, I really love that this is a skateboard marketplace. Ran by skateboarders and marketed towards skateboarders. I love that there’s different stuff on there than what you usually find at a typical skate shop or web store. Walking into a skate shop and seeing mainly Santa Cruz and DLX stuff is cool and all, but I want to see the harder to find stuff. Old stuff. New stuff. Small brands. Skateboard art. That’s what I dig. Anyways, I didn’t care for eBay or selling on Facebook. It was just too much for me. I like the community aspect parts of it, but at the end of the day, I want to put my stuff I am selling out there and if someone wants to purchase it, it’s there. If you don’t want it, then that’s cool too. I love that I can run my own store selling my skateboard collection at my own pace. Beta testing the vintage skateboard collectible side of SellerDoor has been great. It’s right up my alley. I imagine more people will see the value of it and will want to climb aboard. Shout out to Palmer Rinehart for being so knowledgable about skateboard collectibles and letting me pick that brain!


Why are you willing to part with all that you have collected?

I am not trying to unload all of my skateboard collection. I just want to lighten my load. I want to find homes for this stuff where it will be appreciated. Do you know Lookback Library? I love what Kevin Marks is doing. Collecting, cataloging and creating libraries of all skateboarding from the print world. I donated all my magazines to him. That was a lot. I felt like I was losing my best friend when he drove away with all my Skateboarders, The Skateboard Mag, Thrashers, Transworlds, Color Mags, Slap Mags, etc etc. I almost cried, but I felt good about it as well. Knowing that they would find good homes and get used and appreciated makes me feel that I did right. I still miss those magazines.

Would you recommend SellerDoor to other collectors to sell their product?

I would recommend SellerDoor to skateboarders in general. So much cool stuff on there already and it keeps getting better and better. I really love Derek Michael Brennon’s Skateboard Trading Cards. Such a cool thing he has going. I collect those. I got Jason Arnold’s Artisan United. So much cool skateboard art in there! I got a recycled Skateboard knife from Kra Kreations. Sooo much cool skateboard stuff from skateboarders on SellerDoor. I recommend it to anyone selling skateboard products and to anyone that wants to support skateboarders doing rad stuff. Sellerdoor is a good place for the true skateboard nerd.


Sellerdoor is a good place for the true skateboard nerd.

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