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Shop all skate products from your favorite companies, skaters and artist in the community. Discover new brands, big and small, and support the sellers by purchasing directly from them.

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Open your shop and start selling in minutes. See the money from your sales instantly. We do all the legwork to keep your shop door open and easy to use so you can focus on your brand.

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Why Sell On SellerDoor?

If you are a skateboarder, selling product targeted at skateboarders, then SellerDoor is for you! Whether you have an existing e-commerce store or are just getting started, SellerDoor gives you the ability to sell your product among other skateboard brands, artists, photographers, woodworkers, shops, etc. SellerDoor is a marketplace of our skateboard world. Vendors open their store and upload product to their personal branded store and sell directly to a skateboard customer-base. Your store lives in the marketplace next to the likes of Jason Adams brand Slappy Hour; and Todd Bratrud’s art; and Derek Michael Brennan’s Skateboard Trading Cards; and so many more. Think of it as a virtual farmer’s market but with skateboard stuff rather than fruits and veggies.

Made by skateboarders for skateboarders

SellerDoor was created from the vision and hard work of Ryan Adams and Matt Eversole. Two life-long skateboarders that saw a need to help brands grow their e-commerce businesses. Ryan comes from a background of computer programming in the tech world. Matt comes from a background in digital arts and the skateboard industry. Together they came up with SellerDoor to make it easier for skateboard brands to make sales to the online world of skateboarders.

”Why didn’t I do this thing 10 years ago?” Jason Adams of Slappy Hour

Starting a store

First, a brand must apply for a vendor account. Once being approved, you start to set up your store. This includes connecting or starting your Stripe account for the payment gateway. Connecting an existing Stripe account takes seconds and setting up a new Stripe account takes only a few minutes. Next is setting up your store banner (1600 x 500 px) and store logo. After that is taken care of, you can start loading product that you wish to sell to the skateboard world. You can load multiple images of each product and tell all about the product in the descriptions. Now you’re ready to rock and roll!

What are the fees?

SellerDoor does not charge you a sign up fee at this point. We also don’t charge you for the amount of products in your store. SellerDoor only takes a 10% transaction fee leaving you with a sizable profit margin on your sales. Stripe takes 2.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction.

Does SellerDoor house and ship product?

The short answer is “no.” Once a sale transaction happens on SellerDoor, it is up to the vendor to fulfill the order. This means the vendor houses the product and ships it to the customer upon purchase unless they decide to utilize a drop ship company. This ensures that the vendor retains the maximum profit margin for his/her sale.

”I love Sellerdoor because it’s all skate related.” Todd Bratrud of DaBratt


We help our customer database know what’s new and what’s happening through our email marketing campaign. We work with brands to have giveaways to help promote the brands and their product. We create original content with skateboarders and brands to keep things interesting and new. SEO and AdWords are proving to be a powerful tool for us to get out there and spread brand awareness and create sales.

“The industry needs more of what sellerdoor has going on” Sebastian Lopez of The Space Program

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